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When I am not in right relationship with what is within me, what is within me will destroy me. This begs the question: What exactly is within me that I am beckoned to come into right relationship? Enter, Jupiter.

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There is a time and a season for all things. Astrologically speaking, Saturn defines the time and Jupiter defines the season. Just like rain in Spring is understood and functions differently than rain in Autumn, Jupiter is the seasonal context for how we interpret our experiences and the people and things in the world around us. Jupiter in your birth chart speaks to the cultural moment you were born into and how that moment informs your identity. But as we watch Jupiter move in real-time, we observe seasonal shifts that provide changing context for experiences we have in the communities we are part of.

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Jupiter articulates the uniformity of the structure of each individual human psyche, as well as the collective psyche of humans as an organism, or singular being. Jupiter articulates both its shadow and its light. The light of the psyche being the conscious self that encompasses all that we aware of and have access to seeing and knowing.

And the shadow of the psyche is the subconscious and unconscious self that is just out of reach of our knowing. It is often more powerful than the conscious self because it acts outside of the command of the will. The binary of authentic self versus inauthentic self has no place here. Instead, Jupiter draws us into communities that validate who we believe we are. That is your identity—the story of who you believe you are. With Jupiter in Virgo our identities were challenged to reconsider the role of science and data in determining how we understand the world around us and form beliefs about what is right and true;.

Jupiter in Libra in challenged long-standing precedents for the role of women in society;. Jupiter in Scorpio in has forced us to reckon with gun violence in America and climate change as the primary threat to the survival not of Earth, but that of humanity and the animals and planets humans need to thrive. During the past few years, especially since Saturn entered Sagittarius on January 27, , protest has become a global phenomenon.

The fiery contagion of conviction catches wind and suddenly the streets are filled with citizens demanding that their communities, workplaces, and schools become a living testimony of their beliefs. If Jupiter defines the season, then in Sagittarius Jupiter says that we have reached Critical Mass—tipping the scales to gain enough momentum to finally move. Just like potential energy is stored in the ball as it is pushed to and sits at the top of the hill, that energy becomes kinetic just as it reaches the edge and begins to roll.

The longer it rolls, the more energy it gains. We are now reaching the top of the hill. Saturn in Sagittarius has laid the foundation for the work that Jupiter in Sagittarius sets before us. Apathy and cynicism are the enemies of conviction. But who do you believe you are? This takes us back to the saying from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas quoted at the beginning of this writing. Jupiter beckons us to come into right relationship with what is within us.

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Each time Jupiter changes signs it gives us new eyes to see and understand ourselves within the context of new experiences in a changing world. What new understandings can Jupiter in Sagittarius offer us? What context does this transit provide for us to interpret what is happening in this world and in our lives? Mars ruled Scorpio has shown us triggered the defensive postures we have necessarily taken on culturally and in our personal relationships and lives as a means to survival. But it has also given us the opportunity to try on more vulnerable postures, ones that we take on when we stand in the truth of our feelings and our needs.

What needs have you become aware of in the face of finally confronting feelings that you have avoided for so long? Jupiter in Sagittarius ushers in a season of focus on the role identity plays in the actions we take. The story of who you are is undoubtedly shaped by emotional experience. Culturally, we say that beliefs grow from knowledge and access to information. But information is no match for experience, especially the kinds of emotional experiences that shape our brains, personalities, and how we interpret the information that we encounter.

Those are the kinds of experiences that Jupiter in Scorpio brought into focus, sometimes in disruptive ways. Besides, stories are better than facts. What is your interpretation of the facts you perceive as relevant to making you who you are? In other words, there are things that have happened facts , there is your interpretation of things that have happened story , and then there is your repeated re-telling of your interpretation of those things that have happened identity, ie what I call the dogma of identity.

Identity evolves as a consequence of how you understand your past, present, and future. That story is often rooted in experiences of abandonment or the lack of competence in our caregivers. Then, we create entire moral frameworks around that story. We develop a whole belief system around individuality and autonomy that we use to judge others and the world around us.

They define our religious doctrines and our politics, too. Where is the truth in all of that? Truth as in, what you can perceive with your own mind and being and understand with your own judgment. Everything else is dogma. Action is the intention of the will translated through the choices we make each day. So, we decide to tell a different story, painting the facts in a different light. Revisionist history means to tell a story about something that happened in the past within the context of some conviction or belief of the storyteller.

We see this most prominently around American slavery and war all over the world.

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But with Jupiter in Sagittarius while we still have 2 more eclipses in that sign nations all over the world are forced to come to terms with who they say they are within the context of the actions they take and the choices they make. And since individuals make up nations, it us who must take the first steps to hold ourselves accountable to the truth of who we are.

The following questions serve as an outline for the work Jupiter in Sagittarius provides the opportunity to undertake:. I talked about the defensive and self-protective postures we take on after unrelenting setbacks and difficulties. And how those difficulties define our convictions and help us realize what we are capable of. Gratitude to everyone who tuned in live and were patient with me as I had to put on my mother hat in the middle of the reading.

But, so much good stuff in this reading around community and emerging from difficulties with a new awareness of what one is capable of. One of my favorite pieces of wisdom that cam through was about how optimism and hope can only be cultivated in community. YouTube: www. Meet me in New Orleans! Come work out the magic of your sidereal birth chart. The hardest part of astrology is figuring out what it all means together.

Location subject to change. Ask me questions and get insight on your sidereal birth chart past, present, and future at your own pace in a laid back environment. Must be redeemed during my stay in New Orleans on October 6 or 7. Space is very limited so please contact me ASAP to arrange your reading. Always sidereal; never tropical. A stellium is 3 or more planets in the same sign.

That gives inordinate influence to the planet responsible for that sign. For Leo that planet is the Sun.

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The placement of the Sun in your birth chart takes on deep significance over the next month. During the Cancer stellium peaked in late July you were seeking people, places, and experiences that would meet your immediate needs for food, safety, shelter, and belonging. Your Moon placement in your birth chart , which tells your Mother Story, emerged to be reconciled against your present reality. When you feel as if things are a bit too much remember that you can depend on your own instincts to help you understand what you feel. Feelings have a way of being chaotic at times.

Honoring them and allowing yourself time to think is actually pretty healing. Gemini, there are no past memories that you aren't able to understand in some way.